My Story

The mission of Brian Aubin Yoga and Wellness is to bring the benefits of yoga, wellness, stress management, and meditative practices to all individuals especially those affected with, or impacted by, autism, special needs, mental health issues, and substance misuse.

Photo by: Alex Thomas Photography

Photo by: Alex Thomas Photography

Brian Aubin is a 25-year-old Long Island native, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in his late teens. Prior to and immediately following his diagnosis, Brian struggled with anxiety and depression, as well as alcohol and drug addiction and suicidal tendencies. Brian is now sober and healthy.

Over the last few years, Brian discovered yoga and wellness, attending classes and retreats at various studios across the island. Through exposure to these new ideas, Brian began to explore holistic health, such as Ayurvedic diets, spirituality and loving-kindness. This has benefited him profoundly. 

Brian participated in a training to teach hot yoga in 2014. From there, he expanded his certifications to include 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Hatha Teacher Training; Trainings in Yoga of 12-Step Recovery, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®, Five Element Yoga® , Accessible Yoga and Yoga of Recovery®, he is also certified as a Reiki conduit. In the spring of 2016, Brian looked to find a training that would help him with his passion to help the autism community. Through that search, he discovered Ashrams for Autism and completed the Samadhi Spectrum training . In Levels One and Two of the training, Brian learned how to use yoga and mindfulness to improve the lives of individuals on the spectrum and to assist the caregivers and parents of those living with ASD. Today, Brian is a teacher and staff member at Ashrams for Autism. Sharon Manner, the organization’s founder, feels “honored and grateful to have Brian on her team.”

There is no one panacea for autism and addiction, but yoga and meditation have helped Brian to feel more grounded, and much less anxious and depressed. Due to that, Brian wants to share yoga, stress management and reiki with other individuals with autism and special needs. Brian plans on dedicating his skills and energies to this underserved community. Through the powerful and healing force of yoga and wellness, Brian truly believes that his students will learn to access a world where they are happy and free. 

My Certifications

Intensive Study in the Foundation and Teaching Techniques of the Beginner Hot Yoga Series
Sayville Hot Yoga - 2014 

200-Hour Hatha Yoga Curriculum    
The LI Kula Yoga & Wellness Center - 2015

Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Leadership
Urban Outreach Program - 2016

Samadhi Spectrum Level 1 Yoga for Autism                                                       
Samadhi Sun/Ashrams for Autism - 2016          

Samadhi Spectrum Level 2 Yoga for Autism Stress Management for Parents
Samadhi Sun/Ashrams for Autism - 2016                                            

Reiki 1, 2 and 3  Certification              
Danielle Rae -2016-2017

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra ®
Jennifer Reis - 2016

Accessible Yoga
Jivana Heyman-2017

 Yoga of Recovery®
 Durga Leela-2017

Five Element Yoga®
Jennifer Reis-2017