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Madison House Autism Foundation

I am so grateful to be a part of the Imagine21 mini-documentary series that tells the stories of 10 adults living with autism. Madison House Autism Foundation's mission is to provide more support, more opportunities and more hope to adults with autism and their families. 10 films will be released in April for Autism Awareness Month.

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From Addiction To Radiance - Brian Aubin

After using yoga to conquer my own challenges, I am now devoting my life to helping others who face similar challenges as I did. I feel very blessed to have gone through all the experiences because it made me the person I am today!

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Yogi on the Spectrum

In Levels One and Two of the training, Brian learned how to use yoga and mindfulness to improve the lives of individuals on the spectrum and to assist the caregivers and parents of those living with ASD. Today, Brian is a teacher and staff member at Ashrams for Autism. Sharon Manner, the organization’s founder, feels “honored and grateful to have Brian on her team.”

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Yoga Improves Lives of Autistic Children

Autism and autism spectrum disorders can be challenging for affected individuals and their families. However, children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities create an opportunity for service providers to think differently and find ways to embrace everyone within their practice, helping children, teens and adults with autism, Asperger’s and other special needs.

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Can Yoga Help Children with Autism?

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Aubin, a 24-year old yoga instructor on Long Island, NY, who offers yoga for those with autism and special needs. He understands yoga instruction, not only as a yoga teacher, but also as a young adult with Asperger’s. Understand how yoga can positively impact the life of a child, teen or adult with autism or special needs in your community.

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Brian Aubin offers yoga for special needs teenagers, adults in Bay Shore

“Yoga helped me find my spirituality and become more health-conscious,” he says. “It’s for everyone, and it’s not just for fitness like you see on Instagram or television. Anybody who struggles with autism, mental health issues, or substance misuse can extremely benefit from yoga. They can use it to relax and as a way to cope with the daily stresses of the world.”

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